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Shopping in Thessaloniki

Shopping in Thessaloniki offers a myriad of experiences - from the old and traditional to the latest and newest, you can find them all here. No holiday is ever complete without the mandatory trip to the shopping areas.

'Contrasting one another the old and new exist harmoniously, sustaining and enriching each other!'

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Aristotelous, Karoulou Diehl Koromila, Mitropoleos, Aghias Sohpias, Venizelou, Ermou, Egnatia, M. Iossif Street and Tsimiski are some of the main shopping streets of Thessaloniki. Here you will find famous jewellery shops, gift shops, craft studios, art galleries, designer shops and boutiques selling haute couture along with a variety of Thessaloniki restaurants to enjoy. The ideal way to start your Greek shopping experience is to first stroll through the streets in the centre of the city, window shop and then zero in!

Thessaloniki Shopping Guide

In the more upmarket areas along the sea front, Thessaloniki almost resembles Trieste or Marseilles. Alongside the luxurious premium apartments are designer boutiques displaying the latest show stoppers from Milan and Paris. While Tsimiski Street at the centre of the city is where you find the international labels in haute couture, the areas of Kalamaria and Mitropoleos Street are good areas to browse for clothes and apparel.

Thessaloniki shopping by itself has a lot to offer in terms of local handicrafts, bronze work, copper, leather and aesthetic jewellery. Greece has a long-standing reputation of almost 5000 years in the field of jewellery crafting. Greek artisans are known to possess a very high degree of skill and a fine sense of aesthetics. This, along with an inexhaustible fountain of inspiration from Greece's rich history and civilisation, has enabled these craftsmen to transform mere pieces of metal into masterpieces. Along with gold and silverware for the church, the craftsmen also produced other articles of unparallelled beauty in both precious and semi precious metals, from silver for household use to accessories used by men and contemporary jewellery for women. The jewellery is often embellished with additional techniques like engraving, filling with enamel and niello, crafting the design from the reverse side (repousse) and filigree carving. Shopping for jewellery in Thessaloniki is indeed an experience!

Having visited the sophisticated up market shops in Thessaloniki, make your way to the Modiano Old Market to get a feel of the local flavour.

The food markets in Thessaloniki are in general quite famous all over Europe and Modiano is its largest market. Located between Ionos Dragoumi and Aristotelous, this is a traditional bustling vegetable, fruit, meat and seafood market where you can find the locals passing their time with the vendors in the laid back ambiance that is so typically Greek. It is also a revelation to see rows and rows of colourful olives and learn that olives are not only green or black! There are the spices, herbs, wines, cheeses, nuts, and honey so integral to Greek cuisine. Fish, poultry and meat are prepared right then and there. There is also a row of flower shops which add their bit to the sights and smells of the market, and thankfully so! The market is a must see, even if you do not purchase anything.

Close to the market is the old Turkish Bath, Giahoudi Hamam, which makes an interesting stopover.

The City Centre has many Thessaloniki shops and markets that are worth exploring. But more exciting are the many streets branching off from the City Centre. Laid out like the Bar Streets of the Greek Islands, these streets are lined with shops with the latest in Italian shoes, bakeries selling traditional pastries, small boutiques selling artwork and many other knick knacks. You can lose yourself in a street full of crocheted and hand embroidered furnishings, cowbells, rugs, ceramic crockery, religious figurines and pictures, among other things. Or step into the next street and accessorise yourself with a new hand bag or a jaunty trinket!

Some other traditional shopping areas in Thessaloniki are the markets at Kapani, Vlali and Agora Solomu. Bezesteni and Karasso Arcade (Stoa Karazzo) are ideal places to shop for both imitation as well as real jewellery, small trinkets and other fashion accessories. The market at Vardaris is also interesting, though this is a slightly shady area of Thessaloniki with many bars!

There are some interesting shopping malls in Pylaia, just outside the city, that are frequented by people who like to avoid the stress of driving and parking within the city. Mediterranean Cosmos is the largest of these and has a wide array of shops. The shops in Thessaloniki and outside the city are convenient, but essentially functional. If you are a serious shopper, then do shop within the city limits!

Shopping hours in Thessaloniki

Monday - Saturday: 9.00 am to 2.00 pm; 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

Local products

If you need to buy local products, these are the places you should visit.

Most of the shops offer genuine traditional home-made products, produced from fresh local ingredients.

Sintagi tis Giagias
2nd km Naousa - Veria road
Tel: +30 2332026326 - Fax: +30 2332052173
Email: info@sintagigiagias.gr
Website: http://www.sintagigiagias.gr
[view on map]
2 Ipapantis str, Naoussa
Tel: +30 23320 28474
Email: info@konaki.gr
Website: http://www.konaki.gr
[view on map]

Antique & flea market

You shoud visit  the antique and flea market around  Tositsa St. even if you do not intent to by something.
You can walk through the markets checking out the items on display in the street as the shops are small. Smell the old wood furniture and talk with the owners about the history of the place and the goods they sell.

Antique & flea market
Tositsa St City Center
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Food markets

In the centre of Thessaloniki you can visit the  two main food markets, a favourite for the locals, becouse of the large variety of fresh products and good prices

Kapani Market
Kapani Market City Center
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"Traveller" bookshop
41 P. Koromila str
Tel: 2310 275215 - Fax: 2310 330027
Email: info@traveler.gr
Website: http://www.traveler.gr
[view on map]


Women Agroturism Cooperation of Poroia
Ano Poroia 620 55 Serres
Tel: 23270 23142 - Fax: 23270 23221
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Thessaloniki loves sweets and you will be surprised from the number of Patisseiries and the variety of the sweets offered!

Do not miss to taste the  traditonal "Syropiasta" and home made "Glyka Koutaliou"  !

Χατζής - Chatzis
1. 50 Venizelou st - Center 2. 119 Egnatia str - Kamara - Center 3. 73 Th. Sofouli str - Kalamaria 4. Neoi Epivates - at the beach 5. 106 M. Alexandrou - Evosmos
Tel: 2310 279058
Website: http://www.chatzis.gr
[view on map]
1. 30 Tsimiski & Aristotelous str 2. 235 V. Olgas & Delfon str 3. 67 Mitropoleos & Ag. Sophias str 4. 77 Ermou & Ag. Sophias str. 5.
Email: info@terkenlis.gr
Website: http://www.terkenlis.gr
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Cosmos Mediterranean
15th Km Thessaloniki - Nea Moudania road
[view on map]
Notos Galleries
24 Tsimiski str & 31 Mitropoleos str
Tel: 2310 366600
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