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Thessaloniki hotels and tours

Gia Sas & Welcome to Thessaloniki and Northern Greece!

Explore the ancient lands of Thessaloniki & Northern Greece with a beautiful coastline, lovely countryside and historical monuments! Thessaloniki is the capital of the Macedonia and has an immense history dating back 3000 years! We are a local company and offer a range of  Thessaloniki and Northern Greece Hotels and Accommodation

This small but important city has something to offer every tourist, every palate and every pocket, in the peaceful relaxed ambiance that is so typical of Greece.

Thessaloniki ("Victory in Thessaly") was founded by Kassandros in 316 BC. He gave the city the name of his wife Thessaloniki, who was half sister to Alexander the Great. Paul the Apostle first spoke about Christianity here in Thessaloniki in AD 50. In AD 303, Roman legionary Demetrius attained martyrdom and was ordained as the patron saint of the city.

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Thessaloniki has a very rich and varied history that dates back almost 3000 years. Regarded as one of the more ancient cities in Europe, it was once the most important city of the Byzantine Empire after Constantinople. Even today, the city offers many beautiful remnants of Byzantine architecture and art. In fact, the Byzantine churches of Thessaloniki have been granted the status of World Heritage Monuments by UNESCO. Take a stroll through this ancient city with our of our organised Thessaloniki Tours!

Thessaloniki was also home to Ottoman, Roman and even Jewish settlers at different times in history. The city is a repository of the finest relics from these civilisations, ensuring that a tour of Thessaloniki will be an enjoyable experience.

Thessaloniki has been central to the Balkan region and to Greece itself since the birth of Jesus Christ. Although Athens is the capital of Greece, hotel Thessaloniki is known as the co-capital of Greece. In the songs of Greece, Thessaloniki has been called 'The mother of Macedonia', 'The city whose praises are sung', 'The most blessed of cities' and much more. Some of the finest artists, musicians, thinkers and poets of Greece have come from Thessaloniki. On your visit to Greek Macedonia stay in one of our Thessaloniki Hotels. We offer hotels in Thessaloniki in all price ranges to suit all travellers!

Thessaloniki is situated at the apex of the Thermaic Gulf perfect for a summer holiday! Enjoy some of our Thessaloniki  Accommodations in Macedonia, Northern Greece. It is a city where life is inextricably entwined with the sea and is naturally an important harbour city. The ancient city was protected by a wall that went from the east of the harbour for almost two kilometres till it touched the White Tower, which is the symbol of Thessaloniki city and its most important landmark.

Thessaloniki city was reconstructed in 1920 and has been modified several times over the years. Today, it is a modern thriving metropolis with its old world charm and beauty still intact. You could spend many a romantic evening with your partner strolling the avenues of this delightful city! We offer a range of Thessalonki Hotels to ensure that your holiday in Thessaloniki is enjoyable.

Modern commercial establishments and glitzy Thessaloniki Shopping experiences merge with large tree-lined avenues, old squares and verdant parks. Old fashioned houses and neoclassical edifices share the honours with modern buildings and offers a variety of Thessaloniki Accommodation. Small taverns and pastry shops in basements run by families serve traditional Macedonian delicacies alongside gourmet Thessaloniki Restaurants serving international cuisine. "Ouzeries" serving the traditional aniseed-flavoured Greek drink "ouzo" stand alongside swanky bars.

To enjoy some Thessaloniki nightlife there are traditional bouzouki (a Greek musical instrument akin to the mandolin) halls hosting performances of "rembetika" (modern songs which originated in Thessaloniki) as well as modern theatres and cinema halls, offering travellers lots of things to see and do in Thessaloniki! Choose your hotel in Thessaloniki by checking its proximity to the many exciting Thessaloniki tourist attrations, shown on our map of Thessaloniki.

From the hotels in Thessaloniki to the taverns and pastry shops this destination is indeed an ideal blend of the old and the new. Thessaloniki has a lot to offer the tourist. For one thing, there are many Thessaloniki hotels located in Thessaloniki centre, and a variety of exciting Thessaloniki tours and activiites can be enjoyed too! We offer a complete range of Hotels in Thessaloniki and enjoy taking guests on Trips in Northern Greece!

Thessaloniki hotels, Thessaloniki accommodations and Thessaloniki tours are provided via our friendly and local Thessaloniki travel portal!  We offer the best rates on Thessaloniki Hotel booking and many ways to enjoy your holidays with a Thessaloniki tour!

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Take the morning to get to know the original tastes of Thessaloniki on a walking tour through the city.

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Explore the markets of a modern European city with a vibrant and lingering history.

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Thessaloniki  was the second most important city just after Constantinople during the years of the Byzantine Empire and that is why Thessaloniki has numerous impressive and fascinating Byzantine monuments. The Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki are UNESCO World Heritage SItes. 

With our half day private guided tour you will visit some of the most important Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki.

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If you are staying in Thessaloniki, we offer a stress free way to visit the famous archaeological site of the Royal Macedonian Tombs in Vergina, with a private transfer and a professional guide.

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Enjoy three days in the beautiful area of Lake Kerkini, relax in the cosy hotel, participate in activities, taste local recipes and discover the real life of Greek countryside.

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Welcome to Thessaloniki

Meet your local connection in Thessaloniki, Athanasios Paparnakis and Chrysa Ntantou of Odyssey Tours. We are proud to be a part of whl.travel and are working hard to preserve our destination by implementing sustainable tourism. Feel free to ask us for any advice on what to do and see as you are planning your trip. We are eager to introduce visitors to the "true" side of Thessaloniki!


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